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A New Beginning for Italtinto

Italtinto Group Holdings Corporation
Suite 907
30 Old Mill Road
Toronto M8X 0A5 Canada

October 19, 2016 – Italtinto Group Holdings Corporation (“IGHC”) announces the acquisition of the global tinting equipment business, formerly known as Italtinto, from Clariant Plastics & Coatings Ltd. The transaction is expected to close on October 31, 2016, subject to final documentation and regulatory approvals.

Tony Traub, principal of IGHC, says “We are pleased to announce the acquisition of another business which demonstrates Italian manufacturing excellence, operating in a niche sector with a global footprint. Clariant’s global tinting equipment business, formerly known as Italtinto, which was founded in 1972 is a leading global provider of advanced tinting equipment to the paint and coatings industry. Its offering includes automatic dispensing machines, gyroscopic mixers and color matching software. The acquisition includes its development and manufacturing facilities in Milan – Italy and Mumbai – India, which together with current management and further investment will sustain internal growth and expansion into global markets. Apex Tinting Services, an independent service network, will be combined upon closing”

Italtinto Group Holdings Corporation